Cauwelier Landscaping is a young company founded by Joffrey Cauwelier, graduated garden and landscape architect, offering services such as garden lay-out and even complete realization and subsequent follow-up.

Joffrey was raised in a Flemish town surrounded by rich grasslands and brooks, alternated with small woods. This exceptional polder landscape soon turned him into the big nature lover he still is today. Thanks to his passion, it was an obvious choice for him to start studying garden and landscape architecture, specializing in park and forest management, at Ghent High School, where he also graduated with success.

As a garden and landscape architect, Joffrey soon went his own way, following a fixed principle: “If we follow nature as our guide we shall never go astray.” (Cicero) The experience he gained, working at his parents’ garden architect company, as well as with a renowned garden architect, served him very well in setting his own targets.

As a consequence, Cauwelier Landscaping is a guarantee that gardens and parks are in harmony with the surrounding landscape, while also paying proper attention to the client’s personality.

If you call upon Cauwelier Landscaping, you can count upon an open dialog. When starting a new project, the location’s soul is the main focus and is defined along with the customer. This is the standard starting point from which the concept gradually takes form. Each concept is pure and simple with plants, cultivated with respect for their natural growth, and distinctive materials according to traditional methods. As a result, your garden reflects maturity and peace from the very first day, no matter its size.